Culinary Arts

Student cutting broccoli

Vista Academy is proud to offer high school students a Culinary Arts program; which falls within the Denver Public Schools’ Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster. Our state-of-the-art Culinary Arts wing provides our students with the best training available.  Students in the Culinary Arts program will participate in a cohort that will expand their learning to international opportunities to explore the language, cooking and culture from the country in which their cohort is focused.

The Culinary Arts program at Vista Academy provides students many options with regards to certificates and education. 

Industry Certificates include a ServSafe Certificate, ProStart National Certification, and County Food Handlers Card.  

Through our partnerships with community colleges students can seek a Food Service Management, Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry certification as they seek post-secondary or career options upon completion of the program. Community Colleges will articulate up to 12 credits for our students.

Our proximity to the airport provides our students with exciting internships and job-shadowing opportunities at nearby hotels. 

The Culinary Arts students run both SWAGGER Lunch and the SWAGGER Cafe.