Academic & School Goals

Student reading a book in class

Academic Goals

All students at Vista Academy will have access to rigorous core and CTE course offerings that are personalized to meet the student’s needs and success earning a diploma.  Students will attend the college, training program, career of their choice being able to successfully compete in a global marketplace.  This will be accomplished by:

  1. Establishing local, national, and international partnerships with schools and businesses to create CTE programming that is cutting edge and produce students able to compete in a global marketplace.
  2. Instilling Vista SWAGGER in all students so that 100% of our students complete the pathways they have chosen and move on to a college, training program or career of their choice.  All students have to apply to a minimum of one college.
  3. Instilling Vista SWAGGER in all students so that Vista Academy maintains a 97% attendance rate or above.
  4. Instilling Vista SWAGGER in all students so that after the first year of attending Vista Academy all students are proficient-advanced in reading, writing and math.

School Culture Goal

Vista Academy will maintain a school culture that is inclusive, respectful, and celebrates all students, teachers and staff.  Students will be empowered to advocate for their learning and take personal responsibility for their actions.  This will be accomplished by:

  1. Vista Academy teachers will plan so that culturally competent instruction happens in their classes on a daily basis.
  2. Instilling Vista SWAGGER in all students so that students understand that our school represents the diversity that is in the world and that we are preparing them to interact with diverse people through classes, clubs, language acquisition, culture acquisition, celebrations, service learning and global travel and experiences.
  3. Parents are actively engaged in the learning and decision making that occurs at Vista Academy through projects and presentations of their learning and expertise.
  4. Vista Academy will have a Peer/Staff Council that address discipline issues and peer counselors, restorative justice and other supports to help students learn how to handle conflict in a way that is productive and fits the culture of our school.