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What is Vista SWAGGER?

Vista SWAGGER embodies the best of our students and expresses who our students are holistically.  Our students have their own unique sense of style but are also academically astute, artistic, physically conditioned, diverse, caring individuals who together create a culture that is SWAGGER.  Our students are:

Our teacher and staff core have to believe that all students have SWAGGER because it is our responsibility to ensure that students have the tools so that they are able epitomize Vista SWAGGER.  Part of this responsibility is to make sure that all students understand and make a connection to what each word in SWAGGER means and associate why it is relevant for them.  Our teacher and staff core, our scholars and community will begin our SWAGGER Journey by understanding what this means.  Our scholar’s journey begins once they are accepted to Vista Academy.

Our scholars will be provided engaging and relevant supports and opportunities to build their SWAGGER until they graduate or obtain a GED.

Purpose of SWAGGER

The purpose of SWAGGER being at the core of what we do at Vista Academy is to address the disconnect that students experience in today’s society with regards to having to choose between being cool and stylish or intelligent.  At Vista Academy our scholars will be comfortable showing that they are intelligent, articulate, informed, and caring individuals without feeling that they can’t have a sense of style or be cool because the cool thing at Vista Academy is to be RELENTLESS in our pursuit of an education.  At Vista Academy our scholars, teachers and staff core embrace the SWAGGER philosophy and this is shown daily by our actions.

SWAGGER Outcomes

The SWAGGER outcomes are that our scholars are comfortable showing their academic knowledge and help build a culture of academic excellence and diversity.  Our SWAGGER will produce informed scholars who seek to understand how the things that affect them impact people around the world.  Eventually, Vista Academy will created educational opportunities that will give our scholars the opportunity to travel internationally.  This will lead to higher reading, writing, public speaking, and advocacy skills.  Scholars will also have strong planning, communication, and other key 21st Century Skills by participating in bi-weekly service learning projects to meet the authentic needs of the far northeast community.  Vista Academy will seek to develop and maintain learning landscapes in various businesses in the far northeast to extend our scholars learning beyond the classroom.