Do you have what it takes to be a Vista Academy Scholar and begin your journey to obtain your Vista SWAGGER?


Vista Academy is a Denver Public School 6th-12th grade Multiple Pathway Center that is geared towards re-engaging students in the educational process.  Vista Academy could be the school for you if you answer yes to the majority of to the following questions:

  • Are you committed to obtaining an education and following the expectations that the school and teachers have established for you to obtain you Vista SWAGGER?
  • Do you need teachers and staff who believe in you and provide you with supports to make sure that you are successful?
  • Are you excited about the idea that you are encouraged to advocate for your learning and given the tools to make sure that you are successful?
  • Do you want to build your academic skills, and develop an individualized plan for your future so that you are able to compete with any student in the world?

Application Guidelines

  1. Students must complete an application and return it to Vista Academy, located at 4800 Telluride Street, Building #6, Denver, CO  80249.
    1. Student Application – English
    2. Student Application – Spanish
  2. Students must complete a three-five minute video clip sharing something unique about them.  The video clip can be submitted attached to the completed application online or submitted on a thumb drive or disc with a completed hard copy of the application.
  3. Students will have to submit three letters of reference (all letters have to be from adults outside of the student’s family, which can include teachers, mentors, probation officers, social workers, mental health therapists, coaches, extra-curricular activity sponsors, etc…) The letter could contain the students growth, needs or accomplishments.

Video Creation 

  1. Your application video should be a reflection of YOU!  This is your chance to show the admissions staff at Vista what makes YOU special, unique, and excited to start your Vista journey.
  2. Videos should be three to five minutes long.
  3. Don’t worry about video quality.  You can use your cell phone, a flip cam or build in computer camera.
  4. Watch your video before turning it in.  Make sure that the committee can understand what you are saying or showing.
  5. Be as creative as you would like or just talk to the camera to let us know more about you.  Remember, it’s WHAT you say not HOW you say it.
  6. If you do not have a camera, you may come by Vista Academy and record your video in our office.  Please check in at the front desk.

Video Submission 

  1. Recommended File formats:  .flv  .swf  .mov .avi  .mp4
  2. You may burn your video to a CD or save it on an USB (thumb) drive to submit to the school.
  3. You may upload your video to “School Tube” and send/include the link of your video with your application.

Admissions Process

The following provides the application and acceptance timeline:

  • Application Accepted
  • Completed Applications are reviewed
  • Applicants are notified of acceptance to Round 2 (interviews scheduled)
  • Applications are interviewed
  • Acceptance letters mailed out to applicants.

Students will have the opportunity to meet each other, teachers and staff, and learn steps toward their journey to gain Vista SWAGGER, which includes attending Mandatory SWAGGER Enrichment.

The admissions process will be complete once students attend any mandatory activities.  Students will enter Vista Academy under a Probationary Contract that will include attendance, behavior and academic expectations where students will have to maintain expectations to keep their admissions slot at Vista Academy.

Our expectations will be outlined in the contract and the Vista Academy SWAGGER Handbook.  Students will understand and demonstrate that Vista Academy Students have SWAGGER:

World Class
Actively Engaged In Our Community
Go Getters
Global Thinkers
Relentless In Our Pursuit of an Education

Vista Academy Dress Code Policy

  • All attire should be black, gold, and white.
  • Students have a choice of wearing shirts, polo’s, sweaters, vests, blazers jackets, ties, polo’s, collared shirts and sweaters in the following colors: White, Black or Gold or a combination of these colors.
  • Undershirts should also be: White, Black or Gold
  • Shoes should be appropriate and in neutral colors: Black, Brown, White and our school color Gold. Sandals should have a strap around the back side. Please do not wear shoes with wheels, flop flops, house shoes, etc.
  • Red, Blue, Purple, Neon’s, Hot Pinks, ect. are not allowed.

Vista Academy Closed Campus Policy

Vista Academy is a closed campus to all students. Only students who have 11th or 12th grade credits are allowed to leave campus during lunch. All students who drive are required to turn in their license, insurance and vehicle information to obtain a sticker to park on campus