2020-2021 High School Class Schedule

Vista-HS Class Schedules

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Vista Academy Calendar 2020-2021

Vista Academy Calendar 20_21


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Vista Academy School Year 2020-2021 Staff Directory

Vista Academy School Year 2020-2021 Staff Directory

Google Meeting Links for Synchronous Learning/Office Hours: Staff Member ~ Email address ~ Phone/Jabber Number
call for appointment Mr. Smith ~ Principal ~ anthony.smith@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Dr. Koenig ~ Assistant Principal 303-829-6103/ 720-423-7664 ~ barbara_koenig@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Mr. Andersen ~ Career Connect Pathway Director/ Assistant Principal ~ erik_andersen@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Mr. Melton ~ Assistant Principal ~ jason_melton@dpsk12.net
Mr. Hernandez Google Meet (Text to set Apointment) Mr. Hernandez ~ Counselor 303-521-9823 ~ jose_hernandez@dpsk12.net
Ms. Howard’s Google Meet (Text to set Apointment) Ms. Howard ~ Counselor 720-271-0633 ~ nicole_howard@dpsk12.net
Chef Hopkins’ Google Meet  Chef Hopkins ~ Chef 361-510-0222 ~ jennifer_hopkins@dpsk12.net
Chef Campbell’s Google Meet  Chef Campbell ~ Assistant Chef ~ tasha_campbell@dpsk12.net
Nurse Hadley’s Google Meet  Nurse Hadley ~ Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor ~ patrice_hadley@dpsk12.net
Mr. Carter’s Google Meet  Mr. Carter ~ CTE- middle school, High school media 303.246.5244 ~ rcarter@dpsk12.net
Ms. Carr’s Google Meet  Ms. Carr ~ Language Arts -High School 815-713-9996 ~ heather_carr@dpsk12.net
Ms. Butler’s Google Meet  Ms. Butler ~ Gifted and Talented Instructor 720-220-6560 / 720-424-2928 ~ kbutle1@dpsk12.net
Ms. Goodloe’s Google Meet  Ms. Goodloe ~ Language Arts – Middle/High School 303-323-5900 ~ tiffany_goodloe@dpsk12.net
Ms. Hunt’s Google Meet  Ms. Hunt ~ Learning Specialist 303-870-7384 ~ jennet_hunt@dpsk12.net
tbd Ms. James ~ Learning Specialist 720-593-1948 ~ robin_james@dpsk12.net
Mrs. Matl’s Google Meet  Mrs. Matl ~ Math High School (303) 519-6383 text please ~ dmatl@dpsk12.net
Mr. Palsic’s Google Meet  Mr. Palsic ~ Math – High School 720-284-8032 ~ joseph_palsic@dpsk12.net
Ms. Ramirez-Chavez’s Google Meet  Ms. Ramirez-Chavez ~ Math – Middle School (970) 439-1974 ~ r_ramirez-chavez@dpsk12.net
Mr. Shahin’s Google Meet  Mr. Shahin ~ Math – High School 281-919-5781 ~ yousef_shahin@dpsk12.net
Mr. Sua ~ Math Fellow ~ jorge_sua@dpsk12.net
Ms. Poutre’s Google Meet  Ms. Poutre ~ Math Fellows 970-310-5904 ~ lou_poutre@dpsk12.net
Mr. Levi ~ Math Fellows ~ scott_levi@dpsk12.net
Ms. Sua ~ Math Fellow 720-4161369 ~ yolima_sua@dpsk12.net
Mr. Stuchly’s Google Meet  Mr. Stuchly ~ Math Fellows Director ~ shaun_stuchly@dpsk12.net
Ms. Zulema Hernandez’s Google Meet  Ms. Zulema Hernandez ~ Math Fellow Lead 720 334 0577 ~ Mariazulema_Hernandez@dpsk12.net
Nurse Renate’s Google Meet  Nurse Renate ~ Nurse 720-507-5557 ~ renate_jimerson@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Mr. Jesus Torres ~ Office Support – Main Floor ~ jesus_torres@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Ms. Mayra Hernandez ~ Office Support – Principal Secretary ~ mayra_urenda@dpsk12.net
Mr. Freeman’s Google Meet  Mr. Freeman ~ Physical Education/ Edgenuity ~ harry_freeman@dpsk12.net
Dr. Anderson’s Google Meet  Dr. Anderson ~ Science High School 720-841-4145 ~ cynthia_anderson@dpsk12.net
Mr. Brooks’ Google Meet  Mr. Brooks ~ Science – Middle and High School (303)-909-5674 ~ logan_brooks@dpsk12.net
Mr. Lederach’s Google Meet  Mr. Lederach ~ Science – High School (720) 432-8511 ~ noah_lederach@dpsk12.net
Ms. Wachter’s Google Meet  Ms. Wachter ~ Senior Team Lead/Language Arts – High School 720-939-5128 ~ erin_wachter@dpsk12.net
Mr. Buzinski’s Google Meet  Mr. Buzinski ~ Senior Team Lead/Language Arts – High School 248-766-4863 ~ gabriel_buzinski@dpsk12.net
Mr. Katzman’s Google Meet  Mr. Katzman ~ Social Studies – Middle/High School 402-305-5321 ~ jacob_katzman@dpsk12.net
Mr. Paris’ Google Meet  Mr. Paris ~ Social Studies – High School 720-882-6937 ~ jathan_paris@dpsk12.net
Mr. Phillip’s Google Meet  Mr. Phillips ~ Social Studies – High School 720.721.3988 ~ peter_phillips@dpsk12.net
Dr. Luna’s Google Meet  Dr. Luna ~ School Psychologist ~ alberto_luna@dpsk12.net
Ms. Ximena Najar-Hernandez’s Google Meet  Ms. Ximena Najar- Hernandez ~ Socail Worker ~ x_najarhernandez@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Mr. Allen ~ Assistant Student Support Coordinator ~ donavan_allen@dpsk12.net
call for appointment Ms. Nayeli Hernandez ~ Assistant Student Support Coordinator ~ maria_hernandez3@dpsk12.net
Please email for appointment Ms. Sypher ~ EEARs Student Interventionist ~ Yvonne_Sypher@dpsk12.net
Please email for appointment Ms. Doreen Almodovar ~ ~ doreen_almodovar@dpsk12.net
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2019-2020 Announcements

12 May 2020 ~ 

Our partnership is strong and both DPD and the DPS Department of Safety is here to support your school community in any way possible

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6 May 2020 ~ Hello Wonderful Class of 2020! Denver Public schools has sent notification that ALL GRADUATING SENIORS MUST complete the Senior Exit Survey as well as all of their ICAP lessons. ~ click for more details


Order Your 2019-2020 Yearbook Today!


17 April 2020 ~ Community-based organizations are still providing services to students and taking referrals.

Students who see community-based providers at school for mental health (such as MHCD, JFS or Maria Droste) should contact their provider for care options.

School-Based Denver Health Clinics (SBHC): All School-Based Denver Health clinics are currently closed for in-person appointments but are still offering telehealth sessions.

Denver Health School-Based Medical Providers are available by phone to answer any medical questions families or students might have; they can assist with non-urgent medical questions, medical refills, and help connect you to other Denver Health resources including mental health services.

Students needing care may begin by calling the main line at the Place Bridge SBHC call center: 720-424-2050.  After hours and weekends, students should call the Denver Health nurse line at 303-739-1211 for information on how to access care.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters

Computer Pickup for High School Students Apr. 7-8

DPS User Login Schoology - Instructions

Middle School Schedule:

2020_7Apr_Vista-MS Schedule High School Schedule:

2020_7Apr_Vista-HS Schedule


16 March 2020

Click for more Information & Resources for Families

Help During Extended Spring Break

Vista Academy Help ~ Link

DPS FAQ on COVID-19 Response








Prom Theme





Click the Picture to watch a brief video about Vista Academy and its staff & students.

6th & 7th Grade Future City Competition

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DPS/VISTA ACADEMY 2018-2019 Calendar



Upcoming Events

 Vista Academy Data Cycle Link!


AEC Student Survey




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Application Guidelines


1. Students must complete the application and return it to the Vista Academy at 4800 Telluride Street, Bldg. 6, Denver, Colorado 80249.

2. Students must complete a two to three minute video clip sharing their background and interest. The video clip can be submitted attached to the completed application online or submitted on a thumb drive or disc with a completed hard copy of the application.

3. Students will have to submit three letters of reference (all letters have to be from adults outside of the student’s family, which can include teachers, mentors, probation officers, social workers, mental health therapists, coaches, extra-curricular activity sponsors, etc…) The letter could contain the students growth, needs or accomplishments.

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