Sports Medicine

Medical symbolVista Academy will offer high school students a Sports Medicine program, which falls within the Denver Public Schools’ Health Sciences & Public Safety Career Cluster.  Vista Academy provides a unique opportunity for hands-on sports medicine training because of the various sports facilities and a state of the art weight room with cardio machines on the Evie Dennis campus.  Students will have the opportunity to work with various teams in the area to gain real world experience.  Additionally, due to our proximity to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus and the Medical Center of Aurora, the possibilities for internships as well as job-shadowing opportunities are limitless.  Similar to the other CTE programs, students will be in cohorts and learn the language, and culture of a specific country.  This will provide students with the possibility of eventually practicing sports medicine in other parts of the world, giving them a competitive edge over many of their peers.


There are several postsecondary credit options for our students who participate in the sports medicine program with our community college partner.  There are several industry certifications that students can obtain after completing the program including EMT, Paramedicine, CNA, ATC, PA and PT.