Senior Portfolio Presentations

Vista Senior Portfolio and Presentation Guidelines

What is a portfolio?

An organized presentation of an individual’s education, work samples, achievements and skills.

Why a portfolio?

As you come to the close of your high school career, it is important that you compile evidence of your learning and reflect on your educational journey.  Your portfolio will serve this purpose. In addition, you will present your portfolio to a panel of Vista staff members, community members, and alumni. The panel will then make the final recommendation for your graduation based on various elements of your senior portfolio presentation. Your presentation should be around 20 minutes with your video, allow 10 minutes for questions and feedback.

Portfolio Checklist:

Step One: Gather all work samples, awards, photos, videos and other artifacts into your Schoology Portfolio:

  • Evidence of Achievement

  • Work Samples

  • Future Planning

  • Engagement

Step Two: Choose a method to create a presentation:

Step Three: Put together a presentation and include the following information. Your presentation should last around 20 minutes including your video.

Evidence of achievement (4 or more of the following) Items can be found in student portal.

  • Transcripts

  • Attendance record

  • Assessment scores/Reflection (MAP scores, ACT, or others)

  • Awards/Accomplishments

  • Concurrent Enrollment

Work Samples (at least 1 from each category)

  • Language Arts

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • CTE/Pathway

  • Electives

  • Learning Reflections (one for each work sample)

Future Planning (2 or more artifacts required)

  • Resume

  • Job application

  • College acceptance letters

  • Military branch intent

  • Other:


  • Scholarship offers

  • Post-secondary plan

  • SWAGGER (artifacts that show your SWAGGER, choose ONE letter in SWAGGER and show how you demonstrate)

Step Four: Create a video, this will be uploaded and linked to your presentation.

Part one of the video is an exit interview:

  • Look at your entrance video if you have a copy

  • Talk about your journey and your growth from the time you entered VIsta until graduation

  • Why did you pick Vista Academy?  Did you complete your goals from your entrance interview?

  • Ask yourself who you have become, and reflect on this journey

Part two of the video is highlights of high school:

  • This is the part for you to be creative, tell your story

  • Interview friends, teachers, family

  • Include pictures or a slideshow

  • Set it to music

Step Five: Practice your presentation and have someone proofread for mistakes.

  • You will sign up for a 30 minute time slot to present to a panel of teachers, administrators and any family or friends you would like to invite. Your presentation and video together should take around 20 minutes to present, leave 10 minutes for questions and feedback from your audience.