Future City Competition 2019

The Team!

The Team!

Vista’s 6th and 7th Grade students from Mr. Carter’s technology class gathered and traveled to the School of Mines to compete in this year’s Future City competition. The event takes place over several months. During the semester there were many qualifying projects and  deadlines students needed to meet. But we had the great fortune of having 2 engineering mentors to help us out. Anne Wrobetz and Bounkheana  Chhun, both Environmental Engineers, met with the students every other week to help out. I can’t thank them enough!

Check out some pictures here

I broke the class into 4 groups.  One group built a future city computer simulation. Another team worked on an ESSAY in what they thought a future city would look like in 100 years.  Another team worked on the oral presentation, and the last group was the future city diorama design team. As each team submitted their work to Future City, they would join in working on the construction of the diorama.

On the big day, the preliminary judging required our students to answer dozens of questions by some pretty impressive engineers and educators.  Several of the judges commented that they would love to live in our city.

After several hours of judging came the presentation. Vista students and family filled the classroom as our team waited for another set of judges to view their oral presentation and grill them with specific engineering questions like, “How did you decide your city zoning requirements,” and “How did you establish a city budget for infrastructure?”

Our students did a fantastic job answering the tough questions but our oral presentation was a little wanting.

We Won the Essay part of the competition beating out over a dozen other schools. At the end of the day, we were one of only 5 winners.

Special thanks to our Engineer Mentors who sacrificed hours of their time helping us, and thanks to the parents who supervised and came out to support the team – it meant a lot.

Next year the students told me they plan to win the competition! …which I’m sure they will!